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Hand Sanitiser in a Pen


The new Normal – Hand Sanitiser in the most convenient place – Your pen! Take it everywhere you go – easy to use and administer – Don’t leave work without it. A Must have in these times

Smart Phone – Bluetooth Keyring finder


Ever lost your keys?

This tracker helps find your keys or phone. Download app via Google play or the App Store.  Press the button on your tracker to find your phone or activate the app on your phone to find your keys. Problem Solved…….

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Phone Clip with Metal Ring

Phone Clip which adheres securely to the back of your mobile phone or phone case.

Has a metal ring that snaps out to provide a secure finger grip or handy phone stand.

Available in 10 great colours.

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Glowing logo pens with Stylus


The latest promo pen on the market.

Let your logo shine bright and commands attention with this glowing logo pen. Laser engraving reveals clear plastic layer allowing an internal light to show through the engraved logo when the stylus end is clicked. Twist action ballpoint pen with black German ink refill and TC ball. Laser engrave only.

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Have you seen the light? – New Torch Technology

Available in two sizes

COB LIGHT—–COB (Chips on Board), is a new technology of LED packaging for LED light engine.

Multi LED chips are packaged together as one lighting module. When it lights up, it looks like a lighting panel.

  • The light has a more uniform appearance
  • Better life expectancy
  • Can achieve higher light levels over a larger area
  • They are more stable and reliable than standard LED packages

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